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If you like wearing modern, figure-hugging jeans, skinny fits are just right for you. They technically cling to your lower body, from thigh to ankle, while accentuating your legs and silhouette. Whoever thinks that skinny jeans are uncomfortable is mistaken. The desired stretchiness and the super comfy fit are achieved thanks to the material's high percentage of elastic fibre. An especially amazing fact: thanks to the many different styling possibilities, they adapt to any situation. They are the perfect match for your favourite jumper in everyday life, this season's latest trend for leisure, and the perfect piece to wear at the office when teamed with an elegant or sporty blazer. Why not try them on along with everything your wardrobe has to offer? Just do it, skinny jeans leave a lot of room for creativity. Our tip: If you would like to wear skinny jeans to divert attention away from your trouble zones, you might first be inclined to dismiss them. However, we believe you should not worry too much about it! Smaller and larger curves can be perfectly accentuated with the right model! Our consultants working at our jeans store in Fällanden will be more than happy to help you with more tips and tricks.


Slim fit jeans are the perfect choice for figure-hugging clothing styles involving denim trousers. Just like it is the case with skinny jeans, the trousers are characterised by a close-fitting V-cut. Compared to skinny jeans, their waistband is usually somewhat higher while they have a lower rise in the back. The lateral leg seams have been inserted centrally and then run vertically downwards, which is how the tight-fitting and leg-hugging skinny cut is created. These slim fit trousers are particularly suitable for slim persons with a small waist. If your waist or belly is somewhat more curvaceous, just go for a larger size. Not only will they fit more loosely, but you may also cuff them whenever you feel like it. Combined with a beautiful belt and a matching top, you will have created a stylish yet casual look in no time. Slim fit jeans can be worn on virtually any occasion. The material's percentage of elastic fibre ensures ideal stretchiness, thus bringing about perfectly pleasant wearing comfort for home and leisure. Thanks to their elastane fibre, slim fit jeans will not sag but keep their original shape for as long as possible. Our tip: these jeans accentuate boy chic styles and are the perfect choice for women who could not care less about the common gender stereotypes and typical, feminine cuts.


Straight fit jeans are characterised by a straight cut from hip to ankle. Fitting rather snugly around the thigh, they have a straight leg opening from the knee to the lower leg, which allows your calves and ankles to breathe. The clear cut of straight fit jeans creates a purist shape that looks neither too casually nor too tight.


Bootcut jeans are close-fitting around the thighs while they widen around the calves. Depending on the model, they come in styles with different leg widths. Compared to the typical 1970s flared trousers, however, they only have a rather unobtrusive flare. Only few people know that, originally, the cut was designed to easily fit over cowboy boots. This was possible thanks to the flare. Later, the style was adopted by the hippie movement, and pushed to its limits with the trumpet-like leg trousers. Even though very few of us are former flower children or still wear cowboy boots day in, day out, bootcut jeans still convey that refreshing and slightly different clothing style. This youthful and somewhat rebellious touch suits any generation and can be combined with all trendy tops and accessories. If you wear them with a pair of high-heeled shoes, no matter how high or low the heel, you are going to emphasise them just perfectly. Our tip: bootcut jeans are also suitable for women with shorter legs and a bigger bottom. Even fuller thighs appear leaner thanks to the rather close-fitting cut in the upper leg area, while the widely flared lower legs help hide larger calves.

G-Star Bootcut Fit

Cross Jeans Bootcut Fit


Boyfriend fit jeans look as if you had just nicked them from your boyfriend's, brother's or father's wardrobe. Characterised by the dropped crotch, this jean cut features casually loose thighs and a low rise. These three features make boyfriend jeans a tribute to wide cuts, and, in reality, the ideal companion for your leisure time. Especially uncomplicated women appreciate their unpretentious, stylish appearance. The style of boyfriend fit jeans is particularly popular amongst young people. Teamed with trendy pieces to complete the comfy street wear look, boyfriend style has not only been established in the skater scene. The uncomplicated style also allows for more daring outfits. Especially young people who keep their distance to haute couture use boyfriend-style jeans to create their own hip combinations, causing sensation at the fashion weeks with their street style looks. By now, boyfriend-style jeans have even been established amongst people in their mid thirties, who use them to create street fashion far away from trends and without being a slave to the latest fashion. Their loose cut has long become an expression of one's personal lifestyle, characterising a dressing philosophy that has become detached from the resentments of prissy jeans fashion. Our tip: figure-related uncertainties are easily resolved with boyfriend jeans, because there aren't any! Women with a tiny waist enjoy the low-rise loose fit, while the wide cut in the bottom and crotch area makes little pouches disappear. Besides, large thighs are concealed thanks to the wide leg opening. Depending on your personal preferences or the leg length, your boyfriend jeans can also be cuffed. The only downer: the width of the jeans will not necessarily make you look taller, but rather make you appear shorter. Le style de coupe boyfriend est particulièrement populaire parmi les jeunes. Associés à d'autres combinaisons branchées pour accomplir le look urbain confortable, boyfriend jeans n'ont pas seulement été établis dans la scène skater. Le style décontracté permet des tenues plus osées. Notamment, les jeunes qui veulent garder une certaine distance quant à la haute couture utilisent le coupé boyfriend pour faire leurs propres combinaisons branchées, créant une sensation aux semaines de mode avec leur look streetwear. Le coupé boyfriend a d'ores et déjà été établi parmi les gens dans leurs trentaines qui les utilisent pour créer leur mode urbaine loin des derniers cris et sans devoir être les esclaves de la dernière mode. Leur coupe ample est devenue l'expression de choix de vivre individuel, caractérisé par une philosophie vestimentaire qui est devenue détachée du snobisme hostile de la mode des jeans. Notre conseil : les incertitudes portant à la silhouette sont facilement résolues avec boyfriend jeans, parce qu'il n'y en a tout simplement aucun ! Les femmes menu de taille mince profitent de la taille basse et ample, tandis que la coupe basse au derrière et à l'entrejambe fait en sorte que les petites poches disparaissent et que les larges cuisses sont dissimulées grâce aux larges ouvertures pour les jambes. Selon vos préférences personnelles où la longueur de vos jambes, boyfriend jeans peut également être menotté. Le seul problème : l'amplitude des jeans ne va pas nécessairement vous faire paraître plus grande, mais probablement plus courte.

Diesel Boyfriend Fit

G-Star Boyfriend Fit


Half peg-top trousers, half jeans – tapered fit jeans have been designed in the style of the wedge-like shape of 1980s pegged trousers. However, there is one thing that clearly distinguishes tapered jeans from pegged trousers: their clearly lower rise and the varying crotch widths. Although this might first sound rather contradictory, there is one thing that can always be achieved wearing tapered fit jeans: a both casual and figure-hugging jean type, it allows women with a curvy waistline to put emphasis on their assets. The waistband sits at the hips and accentuates wide hips just as well thanks to the relaxed cut of the crotch area. Tapered jeans become progressively narrower towards the ankle. Teamed with a pair of high-heeled shoes, these jeans will make your legs appear longer. When it comes to tops, they can be combined with virtually everything. They go well with crop tops, classic chiffon blouses or, on cold days, coarse-knit turtlenecks and, in spring, light silk shirts with flower prints. Women can team these casual tapered jeans featuring a subtle baggy look with virtually all their favourite pieces.

Diesel Tapered Fit

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