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Skinny fit jeans hug your legs like a second skin. If you do not have anything against somewhat tighter jeans, the skinny type is just right for you. Tight and tighter does not mean uncomfortable, though, but rather addresses the deliberately body-conscious attitude towards this jean type. Hugging your legs from the thigh down, skinny jeans are also chosen by men and boys who like showing their legs and attach importance to a lean, elegant silhouette. Skinny jeans can be worn virtually anytime and anyplace. Thanks to the many combination possibilities, which are practically unlimited, these tight-fitting jeans are the perfect choice for leisure time and everyday life. Fitting like a glove, skinny jeans can sometimes even be worn in certain working environments. The occasions for sporting them are as versatile as the exciting combination possibilities. They can be teamed with everything your wardrobe has to offer. Our tip: the material's high percentage of elastic fibre ensures the desired stretchiness and a totally comfy fit. Our wash guide includes helpful details on how to best care for your skinny jeans.

Diesel Skinny Fit


Slim fit jeans are the perfect choice for figure-hugging clothing styles. Just like it is the case with skinny jeans, the style of these trousers is characterised by a close-fitting V-cut. Unlike with skinny jeans, their waistband is usually somewhat higher while they have a lower rise in the back. The lateral leg seams have been inserted centrally and then run vertically downwards. This is how the close-fitting and leg-hugging drainpipe shape is created. These slim fit trousers are particularly suitable for lean men with a small waist. Men with somewhat bigger bellies should just select their slim fit jeans in a larger size. Not only will they fit more loosely, but you may also cuff them whenever you feel like it. Combined with a beautiful belt and a matching shirt or top, you will have created a stylish yet casual look in no time. Slim fit jeans can be worn on virtually any occasion. The material's percentage of elastic fibre ensures ideal stretchiness, thus bringing about perfectly pleasant wearing comfort for home and leisure. Thanks to their elastane fibre, slim fit jeans will not sag but keep their original shape for as long as possible. Our tip: slim fit jeans feature the ideal cut for men who prefer classic, snug jeans!


Straight fit jeans are predestined for no-nonsense purists and classic jeans-wearers. A special feature of straight fit jeans is their straight cut from hip to ankle. While they are relatively close-fitting around the thigh, they have a quite loose fit in the lower leg area, which makes them a true all-rounder when it comes to denim fashion. Thanks to their clear cut, straight fit jeans keep the golden mean between casual and tight without compromising on attractiveness. That is why they are many men's absolute favourite jeans. They may virtually be worn day and night. The close fit in the upper leg area is supposed to ensure non-confining comfort. If you are blessed with stronger thighs and accentuating them is not necessarily your first intention, we recommend you choose a different type of fit such as tapered jeans. Straight fit jeans feature different rises. Everything is possible, from low-rise trousers to waistline-accentuating models. There is one thing, though, that all straight fit models have in common: they are rather casual, have a straight leg opening from the knee down and leave enough room for your calves. Our tip: if your job involves a lot of sitting down, or if you sit a lot anyway, straight fit jeans are the ideal model for you. The rise, which is higher in the front than in the back, gives these jeans a comfortable cut. It pays!


Half peg-top trousers, half jeans – tapered fit jeans have been designed in the style of the wedge-like shape of 1980s pegged trousers. However, there is one thing that clearly distinguishes tapered jeans from pegged trousers: their clearly lower rise and the varying crotch widths. Featuring trendy cuts for men, these jeans are the perfect choice for casual but yet figure-accentuating leisure wear with a touch of sexiness. Especially men do not just appreciate the looks of tapered jeans. The lightweight feel and the fact that they are easy to move in make tapered fit models particularly attractive. Due to the sporty touch and light denim fabric, these jeans can also be combined with decent business fashion if they are not too wide in the upper area, something that is also appreciated by men who are young at heart. If you are into pegged and baggy jeans anyway, you will definitely appreciate tapered jeans as a nice pair of leisure trousers.


Jeans in bootcut style are not limited to the women's world. Daring men, too, may create trendy outfits involving bootcut jeans. Due to the flared lower legs, shirts should definitely be worn tucked in. The vast selection of different washes ensures additional variety, thanks to which it is possible to easily combine different outfits that can be worn during your leisure time as well as in everyday life. When it comes to the rise, you can fall back on different variants from low to high. Just go for the model that best fits your preferences and clothing habits. As regards the fit of these jeans, there is one thing worth pointing out: men, too, can benefit from the figure-flattering attributes of this type of jean cut with its close-fitting thighs. Thanks to the special fit, each and every bottom appears a bit smaller. Those who go for jeans in bootcut style do not have to be afraid of sagging trouser legs or bulged knees. It is, above all, the special cut passing over from the rather tight-fitting thigh to the wide lower leg that provides the comfortable wearing properties.

Levi's Bootcut Fit


Pepe Jeans Relaxed Fit

Cross Jeans Relaxed Fit

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