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A laid-back, trendy style is a must-have for demonstrating your own individual lifestyle. The Tommy Hilfiger brand particularly scores when it comes to trendsetting and quality. And not without reason. Distinctive design As Tommy Hilfiger started to sell self-acquired jeans to young people, nobody knew that this would be the beginning of the formation of a large fashion empire. But already 15 years later, the success had reached a dimension so huge that Hilfiger founded a corporation.


In 1991, the company went public. Today, the fashion collections and matching accessories offered by Tommy Hilfiger - who is of German-Swiss and Irish descent - rank among the world’s most desired clothing collections. The preppy style is considered the most significant trademark of his unmistakable design. This style particularly emphasizes relaxed and easy sportswear. Tommy Hilfiger jeans are also a catching part of this exclusive segment. American tradition The expressiveness of Tommy Hilfiger jeans is a mix of spontaneous nonchalance and smart workmanship on the one hand and a combination of classic, sporty elements that simultaneously add a touch of elegance on the other hand. An essential feature of this attractively designed line is the striving for American traditions, shaping contemporary materials authentically and essentially to a brisk, casual status symbol. It is out of question why Tommy Hilfiger jeans are worn by trendsetters from the rap music scene and by upper-class bankers equally. They don’t care too much for stylish elegance, but don’t want to dispense with a fancy touch either.


Aristocratic outlaw In any case, all protagonists attracted to Tommy Hilfiger jeans have one thing in common: their positive attitude to life. An attitude that regards the rules of etiquette out of date, but holds the flag of social traditions proudly and high. Tommy Hilfiger jeans speak an exquisite, subtle language with a tonality that expresses both good manners and cultivated behaviour – combined with a touch of independence. An outlaw feeling, touched by aristocracy. This aesthetic, charming first-class life style is also demonstrated by the excellent material quality and high-grade workmanship. Laid-back and elegant at the same time Whether classic or modern, Tommy Hilfiger jeans introduce the sporty leisure look and relaxed style to the bohemian world. Do you like relaxing on your sofa, while savouring a noble, French cognac? Well, then you are probably the right one to wear those jeans.

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