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History of Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans London is a fashion brand that meanwhile ranks among the most popular and leading international denim brands. The brand was founded in England in 1973 by the three brothers Nitin Shah, Arun Shah and Milan Shahit. Since its foundation around 30 years ago, Pepe Jeans London has been launching different clothing lines for women, men and children. Recently, the brand has also brought its own shoe and eyewear collection on the market. The roots of the company can be found on the Road Market in West London, where the three company founders had owned a clothing booth for many years. The company Sholemay Ltd. was founded by the brothers, who are originally from Central Africa, in the popular quarter of Notting Hill, London in 1973.


The three company founders advertised that they own the perfect jeans, clearly distinguishing themselves from all the other usual models on the market. After designing and manufacturing the first own jeans models, a successful business start was soon apparent. Already two years later, four popular London fashion stores bought the products to bring them on the market. A few years after the company foundation, the brothers decided to rename the brand Pepe Jeans London, since it was easier to write and keep in mind. In 1980, the most successful brand of the United Kingdom became known internationally.


In 1984 at the latest, as it was clearly visible that Pepe Jeans made it in the United States, it was obvious that the brand would rank among the most important brands of the future. In 1989, the company expanded to India and is now represented in more than 60 countries all over the world. Being a successful and modern fashion brand, Pepe Jeans London mainly represents a sexy and attractive style. The company has experienced – and continues experiencing – an impressive growth. Economically, there is no sight of an end to the rapid growth of this brand, since the demand for the popular denim products continues increasing among fashion experts.

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