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Fred Perry is one of the most iconic British brands. The brand has been able to blend sportswear and streetwear. Since its founding, the brand has remained true to its ethos of being authentic, having integrity, and just a touch of attitude. It was formed between the late 40s and early 50s between Tibby Wenger, an Australian footballer, and Fred Perry.

The First Sweatband

At this time, they produce the first ever sweatband for the sports world. The sweatband was an immediate hit with tennis player all over Britain. They decide to become a brand that specializes in Tennis sportswear. This was a welcome change to the baggy and ill-fitting options offered at the time. Through clever brand positioning, the brand propelled itself to become a brand closely associated with Wimbledon.

The First Tennis Honey Comb Shirt

The highlight came in 1952 when they launched a Slim Fit Cotton Pique Shirt that featured the Laurel Wreath Embroidery. This garment made of pique cotton and honeycomb stitching made it an instant hit with sportsmen and women. The shirt comes in white marketed as a tennis shirt. As demand for this shirt grew, the brand offered more colors. This helped the brand to connect with more people outside the tennis world. Today, the Fred Perry brand offers more than just shirts. It offers a combination of casual wear and sportswear. This includes jackets and footwear.

Merging With the Music World

The brand became associated with various British street styles and music that young people at the time liked. One of the first groups to embrace the Fred Perry brand was the Mods. Those of the mod movement liked the stylish and durable capabilities of the brand. Mods had an obsessive attention to detail, which made the polo shirt the ideal shirt for a gathering. They then requested Fred Perry to produce the shirts in various colors and to make it unique with a British twist.

This decision played a crucial role in the revolution of Fred Perry. They were the first brand to enjoy major success as a crossover brand between streetwear and sportswear. It was an important part of the teenage look at the time and started one of the longest relationships between music and fashion.

Fredrick John Perry was a top Tennis player who had won 20 majors, which included 8 Grand Slams and two Pro Slams. He was also world number 1 for four years consecutively. He also went to win at Wimbledon, one of the most valued tournaments by British players.

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