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Eurex is a brand owned by Brax, the German trouser specialist. It was created in 1888 and has continued to enjoy success since then. The trousers from this brand are always modern and high performing. The trousers are created for men who wish to dress in only the best material. The workmanship and quality are quite superb. These trousers have been tailored to meet the needs of various body types. Eurex has maintained a loyal customer base by offering wearer ergonomic fitting and innovative designs. The trousers often have some clever details that include zippered pockets, stretch out fabric, and a waist that comes with up to 10% hidden reserve. Live up to the demands of the modern and active lifestyle with these trousers.

Keeping Up with the Times

The Eurex trousers are designed to be comfortable and make the wearer feel good. The clothes offered to customers guarantee style. They achieve this by translating the trends into clothes that can be worn by the ordinary man on the streets.


At its core, the leadership team at Eurex believes in the careful handling of resources and people. Thus, they strive to ensure sustainability in all stages of production. The main defining characteristics of this company are future proof capability and sustainability. They are long-term visions, which medium-sized family-run business lives up to. These two are part of the corporate identity and self-image that the company has. Not only does this company offer great clothing at great prices, but they also incorporate social and environmental preservation as part of their activities.

They believe that customers should feel good when they buy from this brand. Customers can be assured of purchasing from a company that cares about the whole supply chain. As such, they strive to ensure all raw materials and products and gotten ethically. To preserve nature, they work tirelessly to reduce the resources they have to get from nature.

The Feel Good Factor

Eurex’s commitment to environmental protection means they have formed long-term partnerships based on trust. This way, they can offer sustainable prospects as an employer, business partner, and family business. Eurex aims to offer its customers high-end garments at the greatest prices. When producing material for this company, all those involved must commit to environmental protection. While this can at times lead to more costs for Eurex, they are willing to foot the bill. Besides that, they ensure the work conditions are safe and ethical.

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