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Edwin Jeans: a unique experience for all denim lovers

This is a brand that has a great eye for detail and that takes a very thoughtful and innovative approach to fashion. Carefully chosen fabrics of the highest quality, cool, contemporary designs and an innovative manufacturing process all add up to a truly unique experience. The designers at Edwin use Japanese denim, which is widely regarded to be the best in the world. This is largely because it uses natural dyes and is woven on a machine that resembles the traditional hand looms that the first denim garments were woven on. However, jeans from this brand are by no means stuck in the past. Chic, contemporary styles mean that these trousers form a refreshing remix of the classic denim look. So, if you are seeking a pair of trousers that mixes the authenticity of traditional techniques with the excitement of modern and innovative design, this is most definitely the perfect brand for you. The designers working for this brand pay particular attention to what is known as the silhouette of the jeans: i.e. the form of the trousers themselves and also the way that they will fit on your body. As a result, you can be sure that you will always look your best when you are wearing a pair of denim trousers from this collection.

Styles to suit everyone, and a brand story that will inspire us all

From skinny to boot cut, you will have no problem finding something that perfectly suits your style in our Edwin range. As well as trousers, this brand is responsible for some great tops (including sweaters and t shirts) and some fantastic accessories such as stylish bags. How is this brand so successful? Well, it has been around for over half a century, having been founded in 1947 in Japan. The founder was a Mr Tsunemi, and he was responsible for bringing Japanese made denim to Japan for the very first time, and also for numerous landmarks in the world of denim such as the invention of stonewashing in 1980. This latter invention has had an impact right across the globe, and has been instrumental in enabling the brand to branch out worldwide. Nowadays, this is a brand that stays true to its Japanese roots whilst also having a truly international outlook - a great combination. Find out more by browsing our branded range.

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