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Above all, Dockers is famous and in demand for its comprehensive accessories collections. Because Dockers has been offering high-quality belts, bags, wallets and shoes since the end of the 1980s. But in the meantime, the subsidiary of Levi’s has become famous for its trousers. This was also due to the fact that Dockers has expanded to Europe only in the middle of the 1990s. With success! Today, Dockers trousers are an integral part of almost every sophisticated wardrobe. Trousers for each trend – Dockers trousers In 2010, Dockers attracted quite a lot of attention with its catchy wearthepants advertising campaign. This slogan means more or less: just wear pants. And it’s exactly this slogan that best expresses the company’s philosophy. In case of Dockers, it’s not primarily important to launch an extraordinary creation never been seen before and wearable on the most popular catwalks only.


Dockers wants to create garments you really want to wear. Here, the will to actually wear these trousers is tremendously emphasized. Clients should feel comfortable when wearing those trousers. And to such an extent that they can and want to wear them anytime. It’s this philosophy that makes the brand immensely popular, particularly among sophisticated fashionistas. But it’s also the desire for continuously creating new and amazing trends and to let these stand out from the masses. Dockers trousers are suitable for everyone, but yet they are individual and innovative to such an extent that they – despite of all their classic flair - always fall out of the fashion line. They can be combined with numerous trends and garments and transform the entire look as fast as lightning. This ensures that at Dockers each fashion fan will quickly find the fitting trousers to match their own taste. And moreover, no pair of trousers makes all clients look the same. fashion at its best at small prices Take a peek at the corresponding category of the online shop and you will immediately face the variety of Dockers products.


Here, you will find a lot of trousers from the latest and partially also from the past Dockers collections. And among all the popular classics and basics, you will surely find one or two future trendsetters. But offers far more than just high-quality and trendy trousers: At the same time, we want to offer inexpensive alternatives and our fair prices as well as occasional special offers ensure that the latest fashion does not necessarily have to be unaffordable.

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